Cheekwood Proposal | Aaron + MacKenzie | Nashville Engagement Photographer

This is one of my favorite shoots of the year so far. I was so so excited when Aaron reached out to me in late June/early July to shoot his surprise late July proposal to his beautiful girlfriend MacKenzie. A proposal has always been on my photography ‘bucket list’. I was even more excited when Aaron told me he planned to propose at the Cheekwood
gardens and mansion. Cheekwood always has been one of my favorite locations in Nashville.

The day of the proposal Aaron reserved access to the grounds after hours. Aaron is also an awesome photographer with Aaron Mobley Photography (so I was even more flattered that he chose me to shoot his proposal). His plan for the proposal was to set up his camera for a timer shot of the two of them and then while he was proposing I would come out from hiding place and shoot the proposal. I think we pulled it off and MacKenzie was so surprised. It was so cool to be part of that special moment.

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Location: Cheekwood Botanical Gardens
Photographer: Laurie Pearson